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May 26: Health Technology Symposium - Connecting the Dots and Coordinating Our Efforts

The second annual health technology symposium took place on May 26. This event highlighted the need for innovative solutions to several clinical problems.

For the benefit of members interested in the progress of the HATCHING HEALTH program in the field of medical engineering, we share the following report from our past Chairman Kris Gadareh C.Eng, after he attended a recent symposium at UBC:

The second annual health technology symposium took place at the VGH Paetzold Lecture Theatre on 26th May 2017.

This event highlighted the need for innovative solutions to clinical problems such as: 

  • Challenges faced in the emergency department,
  • Pain management by developing a program using virtual reality tools,
  • Efficient ways of detecting cardiac defects using machine learning in Echo-cardiography.

Several health technology centres in the lower mainland presented at this symposium (please see the attached event schedule), such as: 

UBC Department of Biomedical Engineering EIS Graduate Program- this program has been going on for about 6 years. Every year 3 to 4 students would work on hospital based projects to find practical solutions to clinical problems.

Hatching Health, a forum with the goal of tackling healthcare challenges by bringing together British Columbia’s engineering, medical and design communities together over the span of a weekend.

The key question arising from this year’s symposium was, how we as a community can co-ordinate our efforts to follow up on these identified needs and bring ideas into practice.

The symposium included discussion circles that provided an opportunity for the participants to reflect on the presenters’ views and provide feedback to the event organizers on what can be done to make progress and move forward on issues facing the health industry.

 Program schedule

 Symposium brochure