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April 12: Non-Traditional Solutions to Tap Connect Transmission Generators

Dr. Mukesh Nagpal presented on creative non-traditional protection schemes developed by BC Hydro to facilitate tap connections of transmission generators.


Topic:   Evening presentation on Non-Traditional Solutions to Tap Connect Transmission Generators    MukeshNagpal
Presenter:   Dr. Mukesh Nagpal, Ph.D., FEC, P.Eng
Principal Engineer/Manager Protection and Control Planning, BC Hydro
Date:   Wednesday April 12
Time:   7:00 pm - 9:00 pm
Venue:   Accent Inns Burnaby
3777 Henning Drive, Burnaby V5C 6N5

Presentation Summary

Historically, utilities-owned generation and transmission systems are large and their connection to the existing transmission system used to be a part of an integrated planning process. Transmission tap-connected generators were typically not employed and the line protection systems were traditionally two-terminal schemes. Privately owned generators, especially those based on “green” technologies, are usually small- to medium-size generators and produce energy intermittently only. The high cost of interconnection using a conventional method, building either a new transmission circuit or a switching station, may sometimes destroy the business case of the generator which is of much smaller size than the traditional utility-owned generating stations.

BC Hydro developed creative non-traditional protection schemes which facilitated tap connections of more than 22 generators over the last two decades. Their interconnection costs were a fraction (typically one over twentieth or less) of the amount required by the conventional methods. The generators are not only supplying the “green” energy into the grid but also cultivating developmental opportunities in the remote communities. This presentation will describe some of these solutions.



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