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2016 Annual General Meeting and Dinner

The 2016 Annual General Meeting was held on January 27 at the Royal Vancouver Yacht Club, Vancouver,

Event information

Topic:   Annual General Meeting and Dinner    John Clague
Keynote:   Prof. Dr. John Clague P.Geo., FGC
Professor, Department of Earth Sciences, Simon Fraser University
Date:   Wednesday January 27

Annual General Meeting: 5:00 pm
Dinner: 7:00 pm

  The Royal Vancouver Yacht Club, 3811 Point Grey Road, Vancouver


Prof. Dr. John Clague spoke on:

A geologist's quest to understand our 'blue planet'

Dr. Clague outlined that Geology, or "earth science" – the commonly used term today – provides essential context for some of the big and complex issues that we face today, for example climate change, resource limits, sustainability, and natural hazards. Aided by slides and scientific data graphs. Dr. Clague presented several geological "vignettes" – studies that he has done in some of Earth's beautiful and remote places in order to understand how our planet works.

His lifetime quest to understand the workings of our "blue planet" has been driven by a hope that humans can collectively chart a path to a sustainable future. Examples of dynamic earth crust plate tectonics were used to illustrate the development of continents, volcanic eruptions, earthquakes and ocean tsunamis across the globe. Special attention was given to potential developments along the American north-west coast line affecting our region, illustrated with spectacular slides.

Slides, diagrams and pictures of various geological models used in the presentation:

 Presentation slides - One geologist's quest to understand our 'blue planet'

 Presentation slides - Biotic and physical environments of Northwest North America before the last glacial maximums

 Continental Drift 3.3 Billion Years (Youtube)

 300 Million Years of the Future World (Pangaea Proxima) (Youtube)

 Earth 100 Million Years From Now (Youtube)

 Event brochure

Photo Album

The event was attended by 33 members and guests. 

 2016 agm 1    
  Dr. John and Lexie Clague with members
Matthew Walton-Knight (ICE) and
Alan Wood (IET)
    2016 agm 2
Dr. John Clague and Cecilia Bernabe   
2016 agm 3  
  Committee members and guests at dinner
  2016 agm 4
Douglas Yee (ICE) and Arul Raja in discussion  
2016 agm 5  
   Gr. Clague explaining
  2016 agm 6
Dr. Clague illustrating major land shifting in western Europe