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September 16: Wind Turbines - Design & Build

Dr. Antonio Marchet presented the latest wind turbine project completed and launched by Endurance Wind Power.


Topic:   Evening presentation on Wind Turbines - Design & Build  Antonio Marchet   
Presenter:   Dr. Antonio Marchet, P.Eng
Program Manager, Endurance Wind Power
Date:   Wednesday September 16  
Time:   7:00 pm - 9:00 pm  
Venue:   Accent Inns Burnaby
3777 Henning Drive, Burnaby V5C 6N5

Presentation Summary

Mr. Antonio Marchet of Endurance Wind Power gave an overview of the state of art wind turbines erected in north America (106 units) and Europe (596) with the longest running now 5.3 years. Design life is 20 years. The best seller is 55 KW units while 85% of operating units are in the range of 50-100 KW. The company head office is in Surrey BC where 400 units can be designed and manufactured annually for export by 66 workers. Other design/manufacturing hubs are in Utah USA, Midlands UK and Gadstrup Denmark.

The speaker explained that the tip height of the rotor reaches from 34 to 60 m, with 400 m under development. The rotors are manufactured in fiberglass, rotate typically at 33 rpm in wind speeds up to 20 m/s. The optimal efficient wind speed is only 2 m/s. Power output is directly proportional to wind speed. Some models are installed with remote monitoring internet-based facilities.

Testing of development models is performed in Utah with the following features under scrutiny: electric output and power quality, acoustic profile, safety, functions, load profile and durability.
Installation cost is on average $250k. Users or clients include agricultural (wind farming), educational institutions, utility companies and industrial users (fabrication, high energy consumers).

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