Past Events

2015 Annual General Meeting and Dinner

The 2015 Annual General Meeting was held on January 28 at the Royal Yacht Club, Vancouver. The theme of the meeting was Port Vancouver's vision and development programme.


Topic:   Port Vancouver's vision and development programme - facilitating our nation's trade   
Presenter:   Robin Silvester C.Eng., President and CEO of Port Metro Vancouver
Date:   Wednesday January 28
Time:   AGM at 5:00 pm followed by dinner at 7:00 pm
Venue:   Royal Vancouver Yacht Club, 3811Point Grey Road, Vancouver

Presentation Summary

As the CEO of Port Metro Vancouver (PMV) Mr. Robin Silvester explained the mission of PMV under its Federal mandate is to lead the growth of Canada’s Pacific gateway to the well-being of Canadians by connecting Canada with the global economy. Under a New Canada Building Plan of $53B over 10 years started in 2014, the key objectives are provisioning of safe and environmentally sustainable marine infrastructure vital to the supply chain in a financially self-sufficient manner. Supply chain components include labour, trains, trucking, vessels and terminals. A Smart Fleet GPS-based tracking system for trucks has been implemented to track the movement of truck cargo anywhere in Canada in real time.

The Vancouver Port is Canada’s largest and the fourth largest port in North America. Daily twenty percent of Canada’s international trade with 160 countries flows through, worth $500M/day while supporting 100,000 jobs in Canada. Almost half of the trade is with Asia-Pacific countries.

The PMV invested in development of the operating regional capacity, notably the following major capital projects around the lower mainland:

  • Regional federal road network: Port Mann Bridge and South Fraser Perimeter road ($5B) and replacement of the Massey Tunnel at $1B.

  • Major trade areas being upgraded currently at $700M include six projects on the North Shore and two on the South Shore of the Burrard inlet. In the south-west upgrades include Deltaport Third Berth and the Robert Banks trade area.

  • Future investments on the table include the Fraser River Rail capacity and the Roberts Bank Terminal 2.

  • The PMV also invests in related private sector expansions. Along the shores of the Burrard investments are made in a number of private projects, including Seaspan, Neptune, Richardson-International and others at a total of near $1.2B. Along the Fraser River six companies including the Vancouver Airport Fuel Delivery Project attracted investment exceeding $0.5B. Roberts Bank T2 private sector investment is in the order of $2 to $3B.

Mr. Silvester continued with an overview of projects, referring to projected container traffic growth up to 2030. The Low-Case Throughput is 6 Million TEUs and the High Case is estimated at 8.5M TEU. Noteworthy are The Roberts Bank terminal 2 future project. For 2.4 M TEUs, construction to commence in 2017 and completion by 2024.

About environmental issues of marine and river developments Mr. Silvester emphasized that sustainable environmental protection is of critical priority. As an example he referred to the very successful salt marsh restoration along Boundary Bay. The need to balance efficient port operations with community concerns is fully recognized by PMV.

The event was attended by 41 members and guests.

 Presentation slides

About Port Metro Vancouver

Port Metro Vancouver is Canada’s largest port and is the fourth largest tonnage port in North America, responsible for Canada’s trade with more than 160 world economies. Located in a naturally beautiful setting on Canada’s west coast, Port Metro Vancouver is responsible for the efficient and reliable movement of goods and passengers, and integrates environmental, social and economic sustainability initiatives into all areas of port operations. Enabling the trade of approximately $172 billion in goods annually, the Port generates an estimated 100,000 jobs, $6.1 billion in wages, and $9.7 billion in GDP across Canada. As a non-shareholder, financially self-sufficient corporation established by the Government of Canada, Port Metro Vancouver operates Page 2 of 4 pursuant to the Canada Marine Act and is accountable to the elected federal Minister of Transport.