Past Events

August 21: Speak Out for Engineering

Chartered Engineers Pacific and IMechE held the Vancouver Local heat of the 2021 Speak out for Engineering Competition.

Presentation Competition

Topic:   Speak out for Engineering Competition IMechE  
Date:   Saturday, August 21
Time:   10:00 am
Venue:   Virtual Presentation

Speak Out for Engineering (SOfE) is an annual competition held by Institution of Mechanical Engineers (UK) to help young engineers develop verbal and visual communication skills. The competition focuses less on technical content and more on the ability of participants to clearly communicate mechanical engineering subjects. More details are available at IMechE's webpage

The Vancouver SOfE competition was hosted by the Chartered Engineers Pacific Committee.


Congratulations to this year's winners:

  • Winning presenter: Shefali Vishwakarma (Aircraft Turbulence)
  • Runner-up: Saad Latif (Direct Air Capture)

More information

The Winner and runner up will get to compete in the Regional Northern America finals held in early December, with the Regional Northern American champion competing globally in the International finals.

Competitors were to record their 20-minute presentation and email to the organizers in advance of the competition. This part of the SOfE competition was not conducted live. The question-and-answer session, however, was conducted live at the competition heat.

The presentation was to be made by an individual, even if the subject matter was developed as part of a group project. 90% of the total marks were given for the quality of the presentation with only 10% for technical content. Judges expected more experienced competitors to have more developed presentation skills and their marking assessment reflected this.

See you again at next year's competition!