Past Events

November 18: Energy Management for Buildings

The November 2020 meeting was an interesting discussion on the Latest Technology and Trends in Energy Management for Buildings in Canada. Our speaker was Mr. Robert Greenwald P.Eng, president and principal at Prism Engineering.


Topic:   Evening Seminar - Latest Technology and Trends
in Energy Management for Buildings in Canada
  Robert Greenwald

Mr. Robert Greenwald, P.Eng, MBA
President + Principal at Prism Engineering

Date:   Wednesday November 18
Time:   7:00 pm - 9:00 pm
Venue:   Webinar via Microsoft Teams

Presentation Summary

A global pandemic made climate change and a green recovery top-of-mind for all sectors of the Canadian economy in 2020. Buildings contributed up to 35% of Canada’s carbon emissions and energy management played a significant role.

This session explained Prism’s holistic approach to energy management in buildings, focusing on projects, programs and people. The speaker shared specific case studies from healthcare, advanced education, and local municipalities that have benefited from energy management initiatives as well as lessons learned.


 Seminar brochure

 Seminar slides