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October 23: Trans Mountain Proposed Expansion Pipeline

Evening Seminar

The technical meeting following the Committee meeting took place in the Holiday Inn Metrotown conference rooms at 7 pm and was attended by 48 persons. The event was shared with the local chapter of ASME and the topic was titled 'Proposed Transmountain Pipeline' presented by Mr. Adam Lind P.Eng who is a Senior Pipeline Engineer at Kinder Morgan Canada, currently working on the doubling of the 1,150-kilometre 24 Trans Mountain line pipeline between Strathcona County (near Edmonton), Alberta and Burnaby, BC. The proposed expansion, if approved, would create a twinned pipeline that would increase the nominal capacity of the system from 300,000 barrels per day, to 890,000 barrels per day. The projected capital cost is $5.4 billion for approximately 980 km of new pipeline to be laid within the existing right-of-way corridor where practical, minimizing construction in new areas. The existing line would carry refined products, synthetic crude oils, light crude oils, while the proposed new line would carry heavier oils.

The speaker provided an overview of this significant project which, if approved, is scheduled to be operational in 2017.


Presentation Summary

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 Presentation slides

 Event brochure

Events Calendar

Technical meetings commence at 7:00 pm, following Committee Meeting at 5:00 pm. Additions and amendments to the above schedule along with details on individual functions will be posted on this web page.

2019VenueEvent / Technical MeetingPresenterStatus
January 23 Pier 7,
North Vancouver
Annual Dinner for CEP Members Guest speaker: Admiral Richard Greenwood C.Eng Confirmed
February 20 Accent Inns, Burnaby AGM CEP Committee Confirmed
March 20 Accent Inns, Burnaby   Diana Lary Confirmed
April 17 Accent Inns, Burnaby Cyber Threats Tom Duggam Confirmed
May 15 Accent Inns, Burnaby TBC Faramarz Jab Confirmed
June 19 Accent Inns, Burnaby TBC Christie Stephenson Confirmed
July 29 TBC ICE: 12th Brunel International Lecture: July 29th 2019 Linda Miller Confirmed
September 18  Accent Inns, Burnaby TBC David McQuiggan Confirmed
October 23 Accent Inns, Burnaby TBC Paul Wilson Confirmed
November 20  Accent Inns, Burnaby TBC TBC Open
2018VenueEvent / Technical MeetingPresenterStatus
January 24 The Terminal Club, Vancouver AGM & Dinner Mr. Bob Stuart,
BC Hydro
March 14 Accent Inns, Burnaby Fusion Energy Mr. Michael Delage,
General Fusion
April 11 Accent Inns, Burnaby Growing a Consulting Firm: Converting a Vision to Reality Dr. Zak El-Ramly,
ZE Power Group
May 16 Accent Inns, Burnaby Arthritis, Where Engineering Principles Play a Role Dr. Barry Koehler,
UBC Chemical Engineering
June 27 Accent Inns, Burnaby Influence Without Authority Prof. Vijay Kumar Verma
Research Emeritus
July TBC Felicos Restaurant, Richmond Committee Appreciation Dinner   Completed
September 19 Accent Inns, Burnaby Modern Measuring and Sensing Devices: Spatial Technologies Mr. Keith Belsham,
Spatial Technologies
October 17 Accent Inns, Burnaby Battery-Powered Electric Vehicle Mr. Bruce Stout,
Vancouver Electrical Vehicle Association
November 14 Accent Inns, Burnaby

Transit oriented development and North Vancouver transportation

Ms. Mowinnn Ma,
North Vancouver-Lonsdale MLA
January 25 The Terminal Club, Vancouver AGM & Dinner    
February 22 Accent Inns, Burnaby No technical meeting Mr. Paul Fast C.Eng P.Eng FIStructE Completed
April 12 Accent Inns, Burnaby Non-Traditional Solutions to Tap Connect Transmission Generators
Dr. Mukesh Nagpal Completed
May 17 Accent Inns, Burnaby Evening Discussion: A Debate on How We Fund Infrastructures Hosted by Matthew Walton-Knigh and Marina Li Completed
July 29 Canada Place Dinner Cruise with APEGBC Sea-to-Sky Branch Host: APEGBC Sea To Sky Branch Confirmed
September 19 Christ Church Cathedral Structural Renovations - Christ Church Cathedral Ian Birtwell, Meredith Anderson and James Emery Confirmed
October 18 Accent Inns, Burnaby Distributed Fiber Sensing Systems Dr. Sudhakar Cherukupalli Confirmed
November 15 Accent Inns, Burnaby Surrey Emergency Program Mark Graffioen Confirmed
January 27 Royal Vancouver Yacht Club AGM & Dinner - A Geologist's Quest to Understand Our Blue Planet Dr. John Clague Completed
March 16 Accent Inns, Burnaby Robotic Submarines Shane Jensen and Taylor Moore Completed
April 27 Accent Inns, Burnaby Autonomous Surface Vehicle

Jaclyn Tarnai, Graham Williamson, David Wong, and Yiran Zhou

May 18 Accent Inns, Burnaby Imaging, Mechanics and Osteoarthritis

Prof David Wilson, 
UBC Mechanical and Biomedical Engineering Centre

June 29 The Terminal Club, Vancouver IMechE President's Dinner

Mr. Jonathan Hilton

July 16 760 Pacific Blvd. S, Vancouver Dinner Cruise False Bay Host: APEGBC Sea To Sky Branch Confirmed
September 21 Accent Inns, Burnaby

ZincNYX fuel cell storage systems: background, use and impact on global electrical generation

John McLeod, ZincNYX

October 12 Accent Inns, Burnaby

Injury Biomechanics – Is Prevention the Best Medicine?

Dr Peter Cripton, UBC Mechanical Engineering

November 23 Accent Inns, Burnaby

George Massey Tunnel Replacement Project

Edward Green, Charter Project Delivery

January 28 Royal Vancouver Yacht Club AGM & Dinner - Port Metro Vancouver Robin Silvester, CEng, President & CEO Port Metro Vancouver Completed
March 25 Accent Inns, Burnaby Human-Robotics-Interaction Prof Mike Van Der Loos, UBC Completed
April 15 Accent Inns, Burnaby Evergreen Line Project Overview Meiric Preece, DBC Technical Director Evergreen Line Completed
May 20 Accent Inns, Burnaby Innovative Natural Gas Delivery System in
the Australian Outback
Dr Michael Wrinch, Principal, Hedgehog Technologies Inc. Completed
July 18 West Vancouver Annual Summer BBQ APEGBC Sea-To-Sky Completed
September 16 Accent Inns, Burnaby Wind Turbines - Design & Build Wind Turbines - Design & Build Antonio Marchet, Endurance Wind Power Completed
October 21 Accent Inns, Burnaby Perspectives on Climate Change and World Energy Stan Ridley, West 2012 Energy Management Completed
November 18 UBC Robson Square Innovative Buildings and Structures in the Middle East Eric De Fleuriot de la Coliniere,
Associated Engineering (BC)
January 29 Royal Vancouver Yacht Club AGM & Dinner - Meet the APEGBC Leadership Team Ann English, P.Eng. and others Completed
March 25 Vancity Kingsway Holistic Engineering Alan Kay Completed
June 11 Accent Inns, Burnaby Christchurch Earthquake: Two Years Later Prof. Ken Elwood  Completed
July 26 West Vancouver BBQ and Committee Meeting Host: APEGBC Sea to Sky Branch Completed
September 17 Accent Inns, Burnaby Design of Theatre Motion Seating System David Lo Completed
November 18 Accent Inns, Burnaby Renewable Energy Dr. Mehrzad Tabatabaian Completed
January 30 Royal Vanc Yacht Club AGM & Dinner - Climate Change and Global Warming Prof. Andrew Weaver Completed
March 20 Holiday Inn Metrotown The Emerging Role of the Engineering Consultant - How to Find and Deliver Value John Holland, C.Eng P.Eng Completed
April 17 Holiday Inn Metrotown New Pitt River Cable-Stayed Bridge Design & Construction Craig Schaper, C.Eng P.Eng. Completed
May 15 Holiday Inn Metrotown BCSA 10 Year Strategy - as it relates to Risk Management Catherine Roome, P.Eng Completed
June 21, 24 Vancity Kingsway Successful interviewing Wilma Marais, CHRP Completed
July 27 West Vancouver BBQ with APEGBC Sea-to-Sky Bill Vaughn Completed
September 18 Vancity Kingsway Living Buildings Challenge Gregory Snaith, P.Eng Completed
October 23 Holiday Inn Metrotown Kinder Morgan Pipelines Greg Toth, P.Eng Completed
November 20 Vancity Kingsway Port Metro Vancouver Projects Matthew Walton-Knight, C.Eng Completed


Prof. Vijay Kumar Verma



Tech Meeting at 7 pm Subject - Topic



January 23, Wednesday           

Pier 7 North Vancouver

Annual Dinner for CEP Members

Guest speaker: Admiral Richard Greenwood C.Eng


February 20, Wednesday

Accent Inns Burnaby


CEP Committee


March 20, Wednesday

Accent Inns Burnaby

China’s Engineers: from Li Bin (3rd Century B.C.) to today

Diana Lary


April 17,     Wednesday             

Accent Inns Burnaby

Cyber Threats

Tom Duggam


May 15,       Wednesday               

Accent Inns Burnaby


Faramarz Jab


June 19, Wednesday

Accent Inns Burnaby


Christie Stephenson


July 29,



ICE: 12th Brunel International Lecture: July 29th 2019

Linda Miller


September 18, Wednesday  

Accent Inns Burnaby


David McQuiggan


October 23, Wednesday 

Accent Inns Burnaby


Paul Wilson


November 20, Wednesday

Accent Inns Burnaby