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Nick Hawley
Nick Hawley (left) receiving award from
Past President Mike Wrinch.
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Nick Hawley

It is with pride that our Group congratulates Fellow Nick Hawley C. Eng FIMechE P. Eng. PMP on being awarded APEGBC’s 2016 Mentor of the Year Award.

APEGBC Past President, Mike Wrinch said the following at the awards ceremony in October 2016:

This year’s mentor of the year recipient is Nick Hawley, who has demonstrated excellence in leadership and support of future professional engineers. Nick has shown dedication and commitment throughout his mentoring relationship, and his passion for the profession is truly an inspiration to his mentee

Nick Hawley P. Eng. FIMechE PMP, Principal: Nick Hawley Consulting started his career at Dunlop Tyres in Birmingham UK where he was a designed testing equipment for the tyre test facility. After that he moved to Claires Equipment, a sheet metal manufacturing company and investigated robotic equipment to speed up the manufacturing process as well as running the test facility for the refrigeration division. He then moved to New Zealand and discovered the hydro power industry. Nick worked in New Zealand for five years; his major achievement there must have been in the conceptual design and business case for a second (30m diameter by 10 km) tailrace tunnel and upgraded runners for Manapouri power station. He was also a member of the Engineering Council for IPENZ.

In 1990 Nick moved to Vancouver Canada, and remained in the hydro power industry. He worked as an engineer for Sigma Engineering, designing and building small hydro plants including Clayton Falls in Bella Coola. Sigma was a wonderful experience for Nick, stepping out of large organizations and into a very small and nimble group. This allowed Nick to branch out and take much more responsibility for final decisions.

In 1995 Nick established the APEGBC Mentor program, modelled very much on the IMechE MPID scheme. This program has grown and achieved levels that he never dreamed of. He participates in the program as a mentor now.

Nick moved to BC Hydro as a testing and commissioning engineer and then project manager. After a 6-month assignment to the UK to work with National Power on Combined Cycle Gas Turbines, Nick moved into the operations group and led the investment decision making for the power generation plant. He also managed the maintenance group for 19 stations before establishing and moving to the Remote Community Group, here he “electrified” 10 off grid communities.

When BC Hydro became less interested in this group, he left and set up Koho Power, to continue in this work with First Nations. During this time, he got his PMP and then joined BBA Engineering who also have a significant interest in renewable generation for off-grid communities.

Nick is a Past Chairman of Chartered Engineers Pacific (aka Western Canada Group of Chartered Engineers) and volunteers as a Director of the Engineering Leadership Council and the Pacific Energy Innovation Association.


Richard PerryThe late Mr. Richard Perry

Past Chairman of Chartered Engineers Pacific (aka Western Canada Group of Chartered Engineers)

Past CIBSE Representative

Past representative ASHREA

Winner of the F. Paul Anderson Award in 2011

Richard regrettably passed away in 2014