Chartered Engineers Pacific

Chartered Engineers Pacific (CEP), formerly Western Canada Group of Chartered Engineers, serves members of Institution ICE, IMechE, IET, IStructE, CIBSE located in British Columbia, Yukon, Washington State and Alaska.

The Group exists to extend the Institutions' services to members locally, and to assist local professional engineers, EITs and technologists with aspirations to register professionally in Europe.

Chartered Engineers Pacific
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Current Events

Past Events

  • March 4: Hatching Health - The Great Hatch In Retrospect

    IMechE Fellows Kevin Oversby and Kris Gadareh mentored at the second annual Hatching Health competition on March 4, 2017. The event aimed to design and build solutions to the world’s most relevant problems in medicine and bridge the gap between diverse individuals with the goal of solving problems in health care.

  • April 27: Designing and Manufacturing of an Autonomous Surface Vehicle for Bathymetry Surveying

    A team of UBC mechanical engineering students presented their Capstone Project on designing and manufacturing a cost-effective autonomous surface vehicle for bathymetry surveying.

  • March 16: Robotic Submarines

    The advancement of autonomous underwater vehicles (AUV’s) or robotic submarines has been significant, opening many new opportunities for exploring areas of the ocean that have never been seen before. Shane Jensen and Taylor Moore of International Submarine Engineering shared more about the topic.

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